Ras Kimy & Pizaro

Kimy and Piz

Ras Piz and Ras Kimy, as they respectfully address each other, live in Port-au-Prince and have been painting and making music together since boyhood. Now in their mid-thirties, neither remembers when they started painting. “It's something that grows from within and reveals itself in nature, music, other artists painting—every aspect of life,” says Pizaro. True to their Rastafarian tradition, they are first and foremost inspired by nature, which helps guide them on their journey. “As long as attention is paid to the signs, Mother Nature will cradle, rock and guide the willing, revealing her secrets along the way,” continues Pizaro.

Having exhibited in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Trinidad and Tobago, these emerging artists are making strides and gaining notoriety in the Haitian and Caribbean art scene. One love!  

Original Artwork from Les Marchandes by Petitzil Michelet - Pizaro

Les Marchandes

Original painting: Mache Se Konsa Pou'n Soti by Pizaro

The street market is the center of daily life in Haiti and the inspiration for this piece by Pizaro. According to the artists, “markets are what Haiti does best”. The “marchandes” sit together under colorful parasols selling baskets of fruits and vegetables farmed in the cool mountains surrounding the bustling city. In this piece, Pizaro channels the energy of the Haitian market, its societal importance, and its significance as the source of nourishment to the people and the culture.

Birds of Paradise - Ras Kimy & Pizaro

Birds of Paradise

Original painting: Cri aux Oiseaux Mystiques, by Pizaro

This abstract painting draws from Pizaro’s ecological inspiration and depicts the symbiosis between birds and nature. “Birds sow the seeds for the trees that are necessary for them to survive and provide shelter to their young.” The colors—blue, red, orange and yellow—like sunrise and sunset, represent the constant cycle of life and the eternal hope for a better tomorrow. The birds’ joyous song announces the spring, new beginnings and renewal for both man and nature.

Original painting: Population Traditionel, by Ras Kimy

Population Print

Original painting: Scène de Marché Traditionel, by Ras Kimy

A compelling print that draws you in—and a surefire conversation piece! In this intriguing print, Ras Kimy depicts in incredible detail the vibrant chaos of downtown Port-au-Prince, where you can find virtually any good or service just by rolling down your car window.