Frantz Zephirin

Frantz ZephirinFrantz Zephirin is one of Haiti's most internationally acclaimed contemporary artists. His works have been featured on the covers of The New Yorker and Smithsonian magazines and he regularly exhibits around the world.

Born on December 17th, 1968 in Cap Haitian, Frantz is the 24th of 48 children from his architect father.  Frantz is quite prolific as well, having created over 12,000 works.

A bright child, the young artist skipped three grades and sold his first painting at the age of eight. His grandmother helped raise him until, at the age of 14, Frantz was earning enough as an artist to fully support himself.

Frantz travels the world and regularly exhibits in Haiti, Guadeloupe, France, Germany, England, and the United States. His style is inimitable, though many have tried!


Original Painting: Adam and Eve, by Frantz Zephyrin

Adam & Eve

“To achieve paradise on earth, we must become one with nature;
be as Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden.”
—Frantz Zephirin

Zephirin’s take on Eden inspired two prints in the Yanvalou collection: Adam & Eve and Giraffe. A favorite with it’s rich greens and depth.

Original Painting: Adam & Eve by Frantz Zephirin



Original Painting: The Yanvalou Gods

The Yanvalou Gods

“The Yanvalou Gods descend to enjoy the fruits of the earth; they dance with mankind,
then are carried away like the wind.”
—Frantz Zephirin

This painting is unmistakable Zephirin—a bacchanal of deity, man, and animal, intermingling in rich rust and burnt sienna tones in a deeply mystical print.

Original Painting: The Yanvalou Gods by Frantz Zephirin


Original Painting: Tsunami Victims

Guardian Eye

“The eyes of guardian angels protect the oceans;
in a wave of hope, the sea pays tribute to those who sail her.”
—Frantz Zephirin

This print carries a blessing of protection and renewal. Easily the most striking print in the collection.